Hawker Hurricane Mk.II (1/4) – Laser Parts Kit (DA)


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Laser Parts Kit (Short Kit) available separately from us HERE

David’s latest design is one of the most beautiful fighter aircraft of the 1930s–1940s, the British, Hawker Hurricane MK II.  The full scale aircraft was designed and predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd. for service with the Royal Air Force.

Andersen Designs exact Quarter (1/4) Scale Hawker Hurricane Mk II is, like all of David’s designs suitable for R/C Competition, a museum static display and/or everyday enjoyment at your R/C flying field.   A wide variety of unique Scale Paint Schemes were documented, which allows you to build a one of a kind aircraft for yourself!

The Andersen Designs Construction Manual shows both Gas and Electric Power plant construction detail.  The manual has numerous construction photos and includes many tips from the Prototype Builders.  It also provide an “Aircraft Walk-a-Round” to allow you to view and transfer true scale detail to your project.  You’ll find a variety of resources within the Construction Manual including were to get the “Scale Gear” use in the prototype aircraft.

Brief Aircraft History

While the Hawker Hurricanes fame was later eclipsed by the Supermarine Spitfire, it played a major role in early air conflicts, especially the Battle of Britain.  Produced from 1937 to 1944, it served throughout most of the war and racked up some pretty impressive facts and figures.

During the Battle of Britain in July 1940, the RAF had a total of 527 Hurricanes and 321 Spitfires to face the Luftwaffe’s 2,700 planes.  Ultimately, the British forces were successful in destroying 1,887 aircraft to British losses of 1,547 planes over the three-month period.  Their success marked a turning point for Britain and the war, halting the Nazis’ advancement in Europe.  While slower and less agile than the Spitfire, one of the Hurricane’s saving graces was that it was known to hold up better against enemy fire. In the Battle of Britain, they helped provide cover for the Spitfires, taking the brunt of the damage as the Spitfires moved in for the kill.

Besides the Mark II (A&B), there was the Mark II Trop (rigged for combat in North Africa), the Sea Hurricane (modified to be launched by catapult for convoys), the Hurricane Hotspur (with a turret gun placement), the Typhoon, and many other variants. 

Of the 14,583 Hawker Hurricanes built during its 7 year production, only 13 survive today that can still fly.

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