Commonly Asked Questions
What is a "Laser Parts Kit" ?
Commonly referred to as a “Short Kit.┬áTypically there parts that are too detailed to cut by hand. Wing Ribs, Fuselage Formers and Doublers can be some of these. Additional materials such as Sheeting, Sticks, Cowls, Canopies & Undercarriage are not included.
Do you supply a Full Wood Kit" ?
In the past we have supplied Full Wood Kits. Unfortunately we have chosen to suspend them in the best interest of the company and are focusing on the quality of our Laser Parts Kit.
Can I get a kit cut from a set of plans I already own that's not listed on LCKA's website ?
This service has now ceased and we only sell from what is listed on the website.
Can you copy plans ?
Only if you prove if they aren’t being supplied by other company’s and aren’t under copyright.
Can I pick up locally ?
Yes you can but by appointment only.
How long does it typically take to ship my kit out ?
All kits can take up to 4 weeks to be shipped out as we produce them all upon an order being placed. At laser Cut Kits we don’t stock any kits, only the materials to produce them. Typically all kits arrive before the estimated times.
What types of materials do you use for your kits ?
A harder grade of balsa is used for laser cut parts which is acquired from We typically use a Russian Birch and Aircraft Ply for structural applications and non-structural we use a Bass or Poplar Ply.
Can I provide my own CAD drawings to LCKA ?
Yes you can. We do specify CAD guidelines on the website from the Home page.
Can I buy molded accessories for my kit through LCKA ? eg. Canopies, Cowls and Undercarriage.
All accessories need to be acquired through their respective designer. Some of our kit pages on this website shows where you can source them from.
Do you sell CAD files (DWG/DXF) ?
Never. At no time do we release any CAD files as they remain the intellectual property of the designer and/or Laser Cut Kits Australia. (Please do not ask).
Do you ship overseas ?
We can. Shipping quote can be done through your shopping cart.
How do I get a quote for shipping costs before placing my order ?
Shipping quote can be done through your shopping cart.
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